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And They Said It was Boring.

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

When it comes to opening doors and giving shout outs, we do it with style.The show Inside The Den gave some talents a chance to be heard and seen by people who did not know they existed. It is not to say that that these talents did not already have some stardom to begin with. But there some folks who are sleeping under a rock, and that is where we come in by helping to promote them.

Boring But Still Alive,kicking!

Reviews from the show came back mostly positive. But of course there are a hand full that feels the show is boring. Fortunately, with ratings that are pretty high it is safe to say that this show is sticking around. There are talks that the host Moisaque Blanc will be leaving to focus on directing and continuing his book signing. It's not certain who will pick up the baton after he leaves, but they better have his energy or better.

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