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Update 2 - our films in da works!!

Our films

Dead Giveaway

Who knew everyone’s life would have been affected by this virus. We have cancelled trip to Italy for our film Dead Giveaway, written by Robert Bacone. We do however plan to keep things closer to home and adjust. We believe in our team and know that this project story will still have the same impact. More updates on Dead Giveaway soon.

The Book of Job, a modern day story.

Casting calls for this film will be posted soon. We appreciate those who are inquiring about a possible position or role for this film. Our casting director is trying to hire those whose faith in God is strong as this is a film from the Bible. We can’t blame her. The film will be set on a farm. This will be a 3 day shoot. This is a paid project but we need the right music directors, actors, mua, etc that can be part of the team. More details will be announced as we get closer to the goal.

The Fight Between Us

For those who follow us on our Instagram page as well as our website already know of this titled. For those who are just now hearing about it, this documentary is a partner project with Kollaborative Minds and P6 (Prodigy6) and Hercule Blanc Production. A film about all of us during the pandemic. The Fight Between Us, was selected for the film festival Pine Wood Studios UK and Raleigh Hollywood, directed by Sikieth Walker. I admit it’s been a while since Prodigy6 been at a film festival so we will try our best to keep you up to speed regarding this particular film.

Undefeated Dance Crew

It is as the the’s about a dance crew. 4 young males trying to make it as professional hip hop dancers. The crew does go through hardships and cruel judgments which did affect them for a while. But being empowered with love and support from family members kept them in good spirits. This project caught the attention of two companies. This film is also a partner project with Kollaborative Minds and P6 (Prodigy6) and Hercule Blanc Production. Although we cannot mention the two companies as of yet, but it is safe to say that they want to back this project up. Possibly for a part two. We are already in the AAWIC film festival. They have already began promotion for the June series. And as always, new information will be shared.

WayWard Justice

A film written by our very own Roy A. Gonzales. A film about two super hero brothers that can’t seem to get s@%t right. Action, humor, and definitely story driven. This project is obviously our most anticipating work. Fair to say also most expensive. But like every good project, we need to see it to the end. This film will most likely be the last on the list to finish. To speed things up we have added new directors to our team. Each one are focusing on getting each film to the finish line. WayWard Justice is already scouting for two locations while 1 is already locked in. Sorry for the delay on this project. The coronavirus hit us hard. And like many we are trying to create a new work flow to keep the ball rolling. Updates are place here on very often so please check in every now and then. Thank you for your understanding.

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