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More Awards?!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Just an update for those who been keeping up with Our movies at the festivals

As you all may or may not know Prodigy6 Studios currently has two films in the festivals. Here is a little bit about our films. UNDEFEATED

Dance has come a long way merging from the wound of its New York mother. A beautiful body is seen in today's time, more importantly, time has changed and the new generation of hip-hop dance has something to prove so to speak. The fast-paced cultural hip-hop dance wave has taken its place in the underground world and on the ground period. In the new globalization it is not just a dance war it is a speak of sanity, a cry for protection and a merciful scream for fame. Four African-American teenage males set out to prove that there is a shift in our cultural hip-hop dance and from poverty they set out to make their mark in the world. Possessing a quiet voice the dedicated crew feels that they have what it takes to wake the nation. Awards Currently: 8

*NOTE: Theses awards will help to secure funds and partnership that will help to launch a series following our cast throughout their journey as a dance crew and more shine or us all of course ;) Companies PRODIGY6 STUDIOS KOLLABORATIVE MINDS HERCULE BLANC PRODUCTION More details KNOCK KNOCK

Cesar is a typical teenage boy that loves his video games more than anything. He's constantly being pressed by his dad to make real friends, but he is more than content with gaming online. Cesar is convinced that a boy named Andrew online are good friends, or so he thought. As the game intensifies Cesar agrees to a wager that he soon may regret. Awards Currently: 1

Companies FARTPOCALYPSE HERCULE BLANC PRODUCTION PRODIGY6 STUDIOS More details We will keep you updated on all details regarding this. And as always, thank you for supporting Prodigy6 Studios.

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