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  We aim to give nothing but the best when it comes to what matters to you. Servicing you in films, book illustrations, music, and custom designs is our passion. Your smile is our satisfaction. Prodigy6 does not discriminate against people’s work. We give equal opportunities to everyone that is interested in becoming more than what they are now in the field of art and entertainment ”. 


What is Prodigy6?


   “In one word, most would say...OPPORTUNITY. Prodigy6 is an Art and Entertainment company. We‘ve been proudly serving customers since 2010 and still running strong. It’s your chance to say, I can go to a company and not get turned down for unsolicited work without first being looked at. 


What is it that Prodigy6 does? 


   “Prodigy6 lives in the art and entertainment field. We not only create our own films, books, and custom designs, but we help to assist those who wish to do the same through our services. We are specialized in custom apparels, filming, graphic design, marketing, and much more. Whether you have art that needs to be designed by our art specialists, or a documentary/ wedding directed by directors in the entertainment field, we can provide you with all the necessary resources you need to reach your goal.


What is Prodigy6’s Goal? 


   “Prodigy6’s goal is to bridge the gap between the industry and you. The organization's crest of the two wolves back to back represents the family of wolves in the industry forming a pack where we watch over each other and have each other’s back...literally. Our goal is easy.....we want to create a world where everyone gets a chance at what they love to do in the field of Art & Entertainment. No matter how far fetched or unrealistic one may think it is. There will be no favoritism, only talents and skills prevails here.


   Prodigy6 does this for little to no cost; Prodigy6 is about giving back to the community and providing opportunity for those who seek it. 


We look forward to hearing from you.


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