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We are lucky to have folks like you

Hello Everyone, We at Prodigy6 Studios and Hercule Blanc Production cannot say thank you enough. We’ve been quiet on all of our social media for some time. Not only to honor love ones that were affected by this but we have also lost two of our own to this virus. Which is really why we went dark on social media until now to honor the two families. So we have been working around the clock the last couple months to helping other companies and creative entrepreneurs with their videos whether it was film, commercials , music videos, etc by them using our editing indoor services from a distance. This helped them to stay connected despite being physically separated and still get their project deadlines meet. We were only able to help the many of people that turned to us thanks to God. The incredible members of our community are great supporters. Thank you. We also know that there were many wedding clients lined up that have paid for Prodigy6 to help capture their moment before the coronavirus took place. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we had to cancel. We have refunded their money because they could use every dime during these troubling times. We have also added a bonus to those that we have refunded to, by cutting their prices by half of what they had originally paid just for choosing P6. We thank you for all your love and support. We are now back in action and we are looking to pick up the slack. May God bless you all and let’s press onward.


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