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The End of An Era

It Was Good While it Lasted

We regret to announce that the show Inside The Den, has come to a close. With many supporters and viewers why did we stop? Well, to honest we all sat at the round table of kings and queens and decided that it’s best to venture into new uncharted areas. Simple as that. Yes we know about all the email and tweets of people who wants to be on the show to showcase their talents, but we still decided to cancel. answer some of the repeating questions that we have been seeing.

Mark Law, who portrays The Everyday Hater will continue to be part of our wolf pack. He is a rare actor who came in contact with in our first film. He has been a diamond in the dirt that we will never get rid of. Jess Serenity first project with us was this very show Inside The Den, but has proven that she can handle more projects with us. We are going to take her with us to filming cinematic films. We feel that she has what it takes. So for all you loving fans that can’t get enough of her....fear not for you will see her again. For the final question of whether or not the show will return. For now that remains to be unseen. But who knows it did good. Better than what we forecasted it to do. Other shows will take place of it and that is all we can say for now. Love you all and peace.

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