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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Here we go! Last week we've brought you news of two film projects that Prodigy6 is going to release soon. One being WayWard Justice and Dead GiveAway. At first it was not known whether the second film was a mystery or what the title even was. We can now confirm that these two posters are the real deal.

In contrast to rumors of Prodigy6 disbanding their turns out that they shut down the speculation factories because they are back! Although, not much details are given about this new age of super hero film. It is expected to to be in connection with their hit comic book "Shadow of Darkness". If that is the case then fans of the comic book can expect good things. After all, Roy Gonzales screen writer is attached to this as well.

What is black and blue and covered in clues?

Dead GiveAway is anything but rainbows and sunshine. This short web series is fill with cases that makes one wonder are there real people out there who would commit such heinous crimes. The show follows a detective who has to solve each case in only 7 minutes or less. Get this, the show has a timer for the audience to solve the crime before the episode ends. Talk about feeling the pressure. Apparently the clock begins at certain moments when the crime scene is present. So you won't have to worry about the timer when the detective is eating breakfast or during the opening theme song. I am looking forward to this and challenge my IQ.

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