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Inside The Den No More

When we started Inside the Den, we did it with the intention of giving shout outs to talented folks all around New York City. Never did we thought it would have made a big splash the way it did. Viewers poured in to watch us and open up doors. By doors, we mean you all gave us an opportunity to give you a show that was entertaining, fun and simple.With views as high as 7,656 and counting we thank you for your support. We have interviewed singers, rappers, guitarist, actors, Chefs, and more.

Now you can find some of these talents on stage touring the country or on film sets for Dc film studios. We are proud to say that Prodigy6 Studios enjoy watching them grow as individuals. Unfortunately, the show will come to an end as we are expanding and making room for other shows and movies.

You will see our two lovable hosts Jess Serenity and The Everyday Hater on other projects. Also Moisaque Blanc (Mo) will be directing and producing films with the studio. As fun as it was....the show must come to an end. We love you all. This is Prodigy6, signing out.

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