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Helping Hand

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

There are days where we reach out to a filmmakers who are in a situation where they need help putting a film together. The situation for that filmmaker becomes more dire if they are totally new to the industry. We at Prodigy6 sometimes provide a helping hand and expect nothing in return. The world needs new filmmakers, and we want to help them when and if we can. Take Tina Johnson for example. She is new to the whole world of creating a movie, however, she did have script titled Knock Knock that was ready to go. We provided the filming, editors, special effect teams, graphic designers, etc.

Imagine her excitement to see it all coming together. I tell you the truth when I say it filled our hearts with love. Nevertheless, creating a movie 101....expect long hours of shooting if the weather changes, troubleshooting equipment, or if talents just keep messing up or schedule change. Tina, learned fast that shooting is not as easy as she thought. She remained tough for a first timer and we kept encouraging her to take charge when there is something that is not adding up to her vision. I’ll admit it was quite daunting for her to showcase her authority. But little by little we encourage her. Although we had a director on set, he did not take as much lead because he wants new filmmakers to take charge of their projects and see what it means to run the show. Not to say that he did not intervene if he had to.

When the sweat, grinding, and pain was over, Tina Johnson finally has her first complete film that she can be proud of. Prodigy6 provided her with the distribution resources to make some money. Imagine her big smile when we told her this. If anyone ask just tell them we are Prodigy6 Studios, Where Art Meets Entertainment.

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